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Custom Projects

Stuffed Animals

Looking for a distinctive gift or your own bespoke family heirloom?  A custom stuffed animal is a perfect option.  No matter the creature (sorry, no trademarked characters), Brandon will work with you to design and build a stuffed animal that will bring joy for generations.  All stuffed animals are hand-stitched and feature jointed limbs and heads.  Most 12" to 14" stuffed animals are $200, though that price can vary depending on the design, materials, and complexity.  

If you're looking for something truly unique, "portrait" stuffed animals are also available.  For an additional fee, Brandon will work with clients to add identifying personal traits like facial hair, eyes, clothing, glasses, props to their stuffed animal creations.

Have an existing well-loved stuffed animal in need of some TLC?  Cleaning, repair, and restoration services are also available.  Please include a description of all wear and tear via the inquiry form on the Contact page.  

Props & Costume Crafts

Giant pop-up storybooks.  Articulated raven wings.  Dancing plates of cheese.  Furniture. Hats.  Masks.  Armor. Weaponry...

These are just a few examples of specialty props and crafts Brandon has built over the years.  Drawing on nearly two decades of experience working in costume and prop shops across the country (including Santa Fe Opera, First Stage, Milwaukee Rep, Pioneer Theatre Company, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and Hope Summer Repertory Theatre), Brandon works with clients to bring their creations to life.  Whether the design is fully fleshed-out or just the seed of an idea, submit an inquiry on the Contact page to discuss pricing and logistics.

Sorry, this gallery is currently under construction.  Please check back later or use the contact link below to request portfolio examples via email.

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